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At Dementia Care TLC, our focus is on you. Our values are centred around receiving the best care and support possible for you, whether for day-to-day tasks, rehabilitative care or end-of-life care. We have six areas we value in how we look after our clients and all of our carers are trained with these values in mind.

Painted Heart

Providing a choice of care plans to suit each individual's needs.

  • We assess and create care plans that cater to your particular needs.

  • We will work with you to create a plan you are 100% happy with, with support and hours that fit around you.

  • ​We understand that every person is unique and one care plan does not fit all. That is why we listen to everything you have to say and resolve any concerns you may be worried about during your time of care.​

  • Whether you are about to start care or already being supported by us, we are happy to change anything regarding your care plan at any stage.


Catering the care around the individual to encourage independence.

  • We believe that care does not have to dampen an individual's right to their own independence.

  • We encourage practises that allow an individual to be able to be involved in their own care.

  • Our care is about positive output and empowerment, and we believe in an 'I can' approach rather than 'I can't'. 

  • We involve clients fully in planning their own care, devising and implementing their care plans and managing the records of care


Respecting an individual's privacy and personal space.

  • Privacy is of the highest importance when entering a person's home and we respect every person's right to their personal space.

  • Carers and staff are careful about how and where they impart confidential or sensitive information and have signed a confidentiality agreement on employment.

  • We respect the fact that a clients possessions are private and always act in accordance with the principle that our team members are guests.


Being respected as a person and feeling listened to in areas of care.

  • We focus on the value of every person we care for and respecting the choices and decisions made to ensure a comfortable care plan.

  • We believe in involving the individual in decisions relating to their care and being respectful of the choices made.

  • We aim to minimise any feelings of inadequacy, inferiority and vulnerability which clients may have arising from disability.

  • Our company promotes social interaction and communication within the care support plan and believe that this instills a better quality of life.


Providing a safe and secure environment for both the client and the carer.

  • All visits to homes are controlled and monitored, you will have notification of who will be arriving for every visit.

  • We hope to help to create a physical environment which is free from unnecessary sources of danger to vulnerable people or their property.

  • We always carry out thorough risk assessments in relation to premises, equipment and the activities of the client who is being helped.

  • Our Team are well selected, trained and briefed to provide services responsibly, professionally and with compassion and never to exploit their positions to abuse a client.


Promoting mental and emotional well-being through aspirations and activities important to the client

  • Our client's physical, mental and emotional well-being are important to us and we promote communication between the client and carer to their needs.

  • We have a range of care plans that promote social activities to add fulfilment to the client.

  • If requested, we will assist a client to participate in practices associated with religious or spiritual matters and to celebrate meaningful anniversaries and festivals.

Info on Person Centred Care

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