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Jacqui Archer

Managing Director

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Founder and owner of Dementia Care TLC. Head of running the business and operations involved in hands on care.

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Lauren Counsell


Managing Director

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Assisting with running the company and creating the care plans and supporting the community carers and clients.

Luke Counsell, Finance Manager. Dementia Care TLC
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Luke Counsell

HR Manager

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Managing invoices and payroll, creating and enforcing policies and supporting the clients to access funding.

The Team

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Katie Nayler

Office Manager

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Planning of the work schedule, supporting the management with the day to day running of the business in all aspects.

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Chelsea Aldred

Marketing & Branding

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Oversees and designs all visual aspects of the company including the website, photographs and videos.

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Julie Keast


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Supports the team and clients in Bridgwater and the surrounding area

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Ellie Williams


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Supports the team and clients in Burnham-on-Sea 

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Alan Archer

Community Team Supervisor 

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Day-to-day support of the carers and clients