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Dementia Care TLC

We care about your care.

Personalised and diverse care fit to you.

We believe that care should fit around the client, not the other way around and that this should be reflected in the type of care each individual receives from our services. 

Each person we care for is treated with compassion and the support we would want for loved ones of own. 

Dementia Care TLC began when the founder and directing manager, Jacqui Archer, started out with a pair of gloves, an apron, three clients and a big heart. Her passion for helping people and supporting them with very specialised and challenging needs was the focusing point of how Dementia Care TLC began as a limited company in 2018.

Dementia Care TLC has been growing ever since and it is through word-of-mouth and the people we care for that we have earned our reputation as a compassionate and devoted care company, customising our care to each person and the specific support needed. 

We cover a range of medical illnesses that require care in the home which include dementia, and we also cover other conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinsons disease and related conditions. Our care covers patients with challenging behaviours and learning difficulties and have carers trained in these areas so that you know that you are receiving the best support to your specific condition.

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