Carer of the Month

Charlene Ellis

For the high level of care she has shown providing support to our palliative care clients and staying on when the clients have needed her.

She has also been going to the clients in her own time to provide emotional support by doing their hair, etc. and give both physical and emotional support to both clients and their families.

It is this high level of dedication that defines the award of Carer of the Month to Charlene. Congratulations!



Carer of the Month

All of you!

That's right, all of our staff deserve the award for April as you have all been incredible in your efforts to protect the vulnerable whilst doing your job.

This also extends to all of our non-carer staff who have been keeping things running smoothly whilst working from home. We really do value your continued hard work despite the current situation.

It's at times like these Dementia Care TLC is proud of its dedicated, hard-working and compassionate staff. We could not do what we do without you.

We hope things we be a little easier in May but keep up the fantastic work everyone!



Carer of the Month

Holly Mackman

Despite only being at Dementia Care TLC for a short time, Holly has already proved to be an excellent team player and willing to tackle any challenges she is presented with, particularly in the current climate

Well done Holly!



Carer of the Month

Tracey Hallsworth

For going beyond her duties in assisting clients with unexpected circumstances

Well done Tracey!



Carer of the Month

Stephanie Bennett

For supporting her team and going above and beyond in her hours of care.

Well done Stephanie!



Carer of the Month

Julie Anderson

For picking up where needed and giving outstanding support to our clients.

Well done Julie!



Carer of the Month

Rachel Muirhead

For her dedication and going above and beyond with our wonderful clients.

Well done Rachel!



Carer of the Month

Steph Bennett & Ellie Williams

Once again, we'd like to congratulate all of our carers for being absolutely incredible in another challenging month. At Dementia Care TLC, we really do appreciate all of your hard work and dedication.

This month, we would like to give a special mention to Steph Bennett for all of her support with particular clients.

Ellie Williams also gets a special mention for her continued hard work and dedication, and being particularly on the ball with all of her care work.

Well done you two and thank you so much to all of our incredible staff.


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